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Where: Village des Tanneries. Cazelais street and 780 St-Remi.

When: June 5, 2010. 1PM until 10 PM

A roster of bands will perform live on stage; a bazaar, a BBQ as well as a group photo exhibit and film screening about Turcot will take place. Local businesses and merchants are contributing food and $700 in prizes. Lucky winners will win supper with the borough mayor Benoit Dorais at restaurant Bitoque, luxury spa treatments, gift certificates as well as hourly door prizes. Proceeds of the $5 raffle tickets sold will help finance 2010 summer projects in the Village des Tanneries.



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When Montrealer’s go cross country skiing on the island, they usually head to Parc Maisonneuve, Iles-de-la-Visitation, Cap-St-Jacques, or Parc Mont-Royal.    There are a few other options, especially for the folks who live in the southwest part of Montreal.

  1. Parc Angrignon (Lasalle/Ville-Emard). 10 KM of ski trails.  There are three groomed trails, all of which are accessible from the Metro station, and the two parking lots. Winter Trail Map.
  2. Parc des Rapides (Lasalle). Skiing and snowshoeing are permitted in this park.  Please note that the ski trails are not groomed.
  3. Piste des Bergers (Along the St-Lawrence River and Lac-St-Louis..Verdun, Lasalle, Lachine, Dorval) essentially following the linear bike path.  14 km from Parc Therrien (Verdun) via Parc-des-Rapides until Lachine. The path continues along the waterfont in Lachine until Dorval (7.5 km). Maps: Verdun Lasalle, and Lachine, Please note that the maps include the bike paths and not the ski paths, there is very little information available from these boroughs about their ski trails.  Since I have never skied this path, I welcome comments about it.
  4. Parc René-Levesque (Lachine). 4 Km of paths.
  5. Lachine Canal (on and along).  This is for skiiers who don’t mind cutting their own paths, and skiing next to footpaths.

Please feel free to make comments about this posting.  I am interesting in reading reviews of the different skiing areas in the Sud-Ouest.

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One of my favourite activities in Winter is tobagganing (in French, Glissade).  Montreal has many hills designated for tobagganing, including two in the Sud-Ouest arrondissement.

To check out the glissade/tobagganing conditions of the hills in the Sud-Ouest click here.

Here are the Glissade/Tobagganing sites in the Sud-Ouest

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Do you miss skating outdoors in the Winter ?  Are you trying to figure out what to do with your kids over the holidays? Winter is upon us and the outdoor skating rinks will open soon.  There are quite a few rinks available in the Sud-Ouest and Verdun. There are several types of rinks, PP= paysagée (décorative) – decorated skating path. PPL=patinage  libre – skating only. PSE = pour sport d’équipe / hockey team skating.

Before you head out, it is best to check the ice conditions here. Don’t forget to dress warmly and bring warm drinks.

Outdoor rinks in the Sud-Ouest Arrondissement – Borough

  • Allée piétonne des Tanneries, rue Courcelles (PP)
  • Parc Angrignon, 3400, des Trinitaires (PP) (chalet)
  • Parc Campbell-Ouest, 1990, rue de Maricourt (PSE avec bandes) (chalet)
  • Parc Campbell-Ouest, 1990, rue de Maricourt (PP)
  • Carré Hibernia, rue Ropery coin rue Mullins (PSE avec bandes) (chalet)
  • Carré Hibernia, rue Ropery coin rue Mullins (PPL) (chalet)
  • Parc Ignace-Bourget, 5925, avenue de Montmagny (PSE) (chalet)
  • Parc Ignace-Bourget, 5925, avenue de Montmagny (PP) (chalet)
  • Parc de La Vérendrye, 5900, rue Drake (PSE avec bandes) (chalet)
  • Parc de La Vérendrye, 5900, rue Drake (PPL) (chalet)
  • Parc Le Ber, 470, rue Fortune (PSE avec bandes)
  • Parc Le Ber, 470, rue Fortune (PPL)
  • Parc Vinet, 560, rue Vinet (PSE avec bandes) (chalet)
  • Parc Vinet, 560, rue Vinet (PPL) (chalet)

Skating Rinks in Verdun Borough/Arrondissement

  • Parc Elgar, 260, rue Elgar (PSE) (chalet)
  • Parc Elgar, 260, rue Elgar (PPL) (chalet)
  • Parc de la Reine-Élisabeth, 1650, rue Crawford (PSE) (chalet)
  • Parc de la Reine-Élisabeth, 1650, rue Crawford (PPL) (chalet)
  • Parc Willibrord, 800, rue Willibrord (PSE) (chalet)
  • Parc Willibrord, 800, rue Willibrord (PSE) (chalet)
  • Parc Willibrord, 800, rue Willibrord (PPL) (chalet)

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The Sud-Ouest Express newsletter for December 2009 is available online.  This newsletter, in French, provides a lot of information for residents in the Sud-Ouest arrondissement/borough including:

  • Swimming Pool Hours
  • Arena Schedule
  • Fitness Courses
  • Centre Gadbois Information
  • Leisure courses for children, adults, and seniors.  Including Hip Hop dancing!
  • Library hours and activities
  • Christmas Events
  • Cultural Events at Maison de la Culture Marie-Guay, and Georges-Vanier
  • Borough News and Snow clearing information

The Sud-Ouest express is available online, at your local library, borough offices, and in today’s publi-sac.

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In the recent borough council meeting, it was announced that the St-Henri swimming pool won’t open for another 3 months.  Further repairs to the pool is required. To read more about the pool repairs see the Voix Pop article.

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The Sud-Ouest Express newsletter for Winter 2009 is available online, in French only. It provides useful information such as swimming pool hours, free events, garbage collection info, council meeting dates, and library events. If you want to join a Master’s swim class, learn archery, improve your golf swing, hip-hop dance, drawing, or tango, check out the guide. It also lists upcoming free and/or cheap concerts and art exhibits in the area.

To download: SudOuest_Express_decembre_2008.pdf

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