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The speed limit on residential streets in the Sud-Ouest arrondissement is now 40 KM/hr.

Ma rue a ses limites

This includes some major roads such as Monk, Centre and Notre-Dame.  Some major streets/highways remain at 50 km/hr.   Speed limits near parks and schools are 30 km/hr.

For a complete map of the speed limits in the Sud-Ouest, click here. Additional information is available in English and French.


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A quick message from Mobilisation Turcot.

The next Mobilisation Turcot meeting will take place on  Tuesday, March 9th, at 6:00 PM, at the Centre de Loisirs Monseigneur Pigeon, 5550, rue Angers, in Côte-St-Paul. Bus #37 and #78.

This is a community meeting open to all, where you can learn about the current MTQ proposal, new announcements from the MTQ, the city of Montreal’s alternative proposal, and to find out what you can do, as a citizen, to be informed about the Turcot project.

For more information go to:  www.mobilisation-turcot.info


Voici une message de Mobilisation Turcot..

Prochaine rencontre de Mobilisation Turcot :

A la veille de la présentation de l’alternative de la Ville, la prochaine rencontre de Mobilisation Turcot aura lieu mardi le 9 mars à 18h au Centre de Loisirs Monseigneur Pigeon dans Côte-Saint-Paul.

Des nouvelles du MTQ, des alternatives possibles, et des actions à venir…

Restons mobiliséEs !


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For a full size of the poster click here.

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Manuel Johnson and some of his neighbours have organized a citizen’s community group called CARRS (Comité d’action des rivérain(e)s de la rue St-Antoine). The major issue at stake is the fast and dangerous car traffic on St-Antoine that goes by Ludger Duvernay Elementary school.

There is going to be a walk down St-Antoine on October 15th at 16h30 from Ludger Duvernay school to a public space near the Home Depot. Representatives from all three municipal parties will be there to see how unsafe St-Antoine at rush hour. For more info visit Johnson’s blog, St-Henri Chronicles.

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The “Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement” has released it’s environmental impact study of the Ministry of Transport’s reconstruction of the Turcot Interchange and Complex.

The BAPEs environmental assessment report is available online.

Alternatively you can read print copies of the report at these locations:

  • Bibliothèque Georges-Vanier, 2450, rue Workman, Little Burgundy, Montréal.
  • Bibliothèque Saint-Henri, située au 4707, rue Notre-Dame Ouest, St-Henri, Montréal.
  • Bibliothèque l’Octogone, 1080, avenue Dollard, LaSalle, Montréal ;
  • Bibliothèque centrale de l’Université du Québec à Montréal, Pavillon Hubert-Aquin, 1255, rue Saint-Denis, local A-M100

The public consultation and information meetings will be held in April:

  • 20 April. 2009. 7:30 PM. CRCS St-Zotique. 75 square Sir-Georges-Étienne-Cartier (St-Henri)
  • 21 April 2009. 7:30 PM. Octogone du Buffet Il Gabbiano. 1550, rue Lapierre (LaSalle)

The BAPE consultation period for the Turcot project starts on March 24th 2009 and will end May 8th 2009.  The BAPE is one of the few methods that allows citizesn to formally express their concerns about the MTQ project. Concerned citizens, community groups, businesses, and institutions can submit written briefs to the BAPE during this time.  The other way to get your voice heard is to present your brief at the public consultation meetings. The submission guidelines are available online, please note that the BAPE does accept submissions in English.

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The focus of the upcoming Mobilisation Turcot will be the preparation for the up-coming Turcot Project Environmental Assessment Public Consultation (BAPE). In addition, there will be more information and planning for the Turcot march on April 19th.
The next Mobilisation Turcot meeting.
Date/Location: Thursday, April 2nd, 2008. 6:30 to 9:30 pm. CRSC St-Zotique. 75 Sir George Etienne Cartier, room 118.
More about Moblilisation Turcot: www.mobilisation-turcot.info/.
Participate in the discussion forum: http://lotek.info/forums/index.php

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This video is by filmmaker Karen Vanderborght. It is about the proposed MTQ projection to demolish the Turcot interchange. Part of the plan is to demolish the building at 780 St-Remi and most of the housing on the north side of Cazelais Street, in the Tanneries Village part of St-Henri…more than 200 housing units.

For more information on what the community is doing about the proposed MTQ project go to:

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