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The speed limit on residential streets in the Sud-Ouest arrondissement is now 40 KM/hr.

Ma rue a ses limites

This includes some major roads such as Monk, Centre and Notre-Dame.  Some major streets/highways remain at 50 km/hr.   Speed limits near parks and schools are 30 km/hr.

For a complete map of the speed limits in the Sud-Ouest, click here. Additional information is available in English and French.


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The February Sud-Ouest Arrondissement/Borough council meeting will be on February 2nd, 2010.  A group of citizens from Pointe-St-Charles is expected to ask several questions about the CN Yards project in the Pointe.  For those who live in the Pointe who want to go to with others to the council meeting, the meeting place is at Charlevoix Metro station at 18:15 on Tuesday.

Citizens who want to ask our borough/arrondissement councillors and staff questions, it is best to arrive before 7 pm to register your question.

Sud-Ouest Arrondissement/Borough Council Meeting

  • Date: Tuesday, February 2nd.  19:00
  • Location: 815 rue Bel-Air, near Lionel-Groulx metro station.

Anyone who would like to comment about the Council meeting is welcome to reply to this blog posting.

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January 12, 2010 will mark the second Sud-Ouest borough/arrondissement council meeting of the new council. Last month’s meeting was a full house, with many questions from citizens.  There was a general mood of optimism from the elected officials and citizens.  Let’s hope this optimism continues, and progress put into action.   If you would like to ask our elected representatives questions, you may sign up between 18:15 to 19:00.

Location: 815, rue Bel-Air. Room 2-101. Near Metro Lionel Groulx
Date & Time: January 12, 2010. 19:00.
Agenda: Click here.

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When Montrealer’s go cross country skiing on the island, they usually head to Parc Maisonneuve, Iles-de-la-Visitation, Cap-St-Jacques, or Parc Mont-Royal.    There are a few other options, especially for the folks who live in the southwest part of Montreal.

  1. Parc Angrignon (Lasalle/Ville-Emard). 10 KM of ski trails.  There are three groomed trails, all of which are accessible from the Metro station, and the two parking lots. Winter Trail Map.
  2. Parc des Rapides (Lasalle). Skiing and snowshoeing are permitted in this park.  Please note that the ski trails are not groomed.
  3. Piste des Bergers (Along the St-Lawrence River and Lac-St-Louis..Verdun, Lasalle, Lachine, Dorval) essentially following the linear bike path.  14 km from Parc Therrien (Verdun) via Parc-des-Rapides until Lachine. The path continues along the waterfont in Lachine until Dorval (7.5 km). Maps: Verdun Lasalle, and Lachine, Please note that the maps include the bike paths and not the ski paths, there is very little information available from these boroughs about their ski trails.  Since I have never skied this path, I welcome comments about it.
  4. Parc René-Levesque (Lachine). 4 Km of paths.
  5. Lachine Canal (on and along).  This is for skiiers who don’t mind cutting their own paths, and skiing next to footpaths.

Please feel free to make comments about this posting.  I am interesting in reading reviews of the different skiing areas in the Sud-Ouest.

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The Christmas tree pickup in the Sud-Ouest arrondissement will be on Wednesday January 13th and Wednesday January 20th.  Make sure you take off all of the decorations and tinsel before you put the tree on the curb.

The Christmas tree pickup service is available to most Montrealers.   To verify the dates and times the tree pickup, consult your arrondissement website.

Version française, cité sur le site de l’arrondissement Le Sud-Ouest:

Votre arbre de Noël a … droit à une seconde vie. On le transforme en copeaux pour le jardinage. Avant de le mettre à la rue, prenez bien soin de le débarrasser de ses décorations et de son emballage. Les collectes se feront les mercredis 13 et 20 janvier 2010.

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One of my favourite activities in Winter is tobagganing (in French, Glissade).  Montreal has many hills designated for tobagganing, including two in the Sud-Ouest arrondissement.

To check out the glissade/tobagganing conditions of the hills in the Sud-Ouest click here.

Here are the Glissade/Tobagganing sites in the Sud-Ouest

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Do you miss skating outdoors in the Winter ?  Are you trying to figure out what to do with your kids over the holidays? Winter is upon us and the outdoor skating rinks will open soon.  There are quite a few rinks available in the Sud-Ouest and Verdun. There are several types of rinks, PP= paysagée (décorative) – decorated skating path. PPL=patinage  libre – skating only. PSE = pour sport d’équipe / hockey team skating.

Before you head out, it is best to check the ice conditions here. Don’t forget to dress warmly and bring warm drinks.

Outdoor rinks in the Sud-Ouest Arrondissement – Borough

  • Allée piétonne des Tanneries, rue Courcelles (PP)
  • Parc Angrignon, 3400, des Trinitaires (PP) (chalet)
  • Parc Campbell-Ouest, 1990, rue de Maricourt (PSE avec bandes) (chalet)
  • Parc Campbell-Ouest, 1990, rue de Maricourt (PP)
  • Carré Hibernia, rue Ropery coin rue Mullins (PSE avec bandes) (chalet)
  • Carré Hibernia, rue Ropery coin rue Mullins (PPL) (chalet)
  • Parc Ignace-Bourget, 5925, avenue de Montmagny (PSE) (chalet)
  • Parc Ignace-Bourget, 5925, avenue de Montmagny (PP) (chalet)
  • Parc de La Vérendrye, 5900, rue Drake (PSE avec bandes) (chalet)
  • Parc de La Vérendrye, 5900, rue Drake (PPL) (chalet)
  • Parc Le Ber, 470, rue Fortune (PSE avec bandes)
  • Parc Le Ber, 470, rue Fortune (PPL)
  • Parc Vinet, 560, rue Vinet (PSE avec bandes) (chalet)
  • Parc Vinet, 560, rue Vinet (PPL) (chalet)

Skating Rinks in Verdun Borough/Arrondissement

  • Parc Elgar, 260, rue Elgar (PSE) (chalet)
  • Parc Elgar, 260, rue Elgar (PPL) (chalet)
  • Parc de la Reine-Élisabeth, 1650, rue Crawford (PSE) (chalet)
  • Parc de la Reine-Élisabeth, 1650, rue Crawford (PPL) (chalet)
  • Parc Willibrord, 800, rue Willibrord (PSE) (chalet)
  • Parc Willibrord, 800, rue Willibrord (PSE) (chalet)
  • Parc Willibrord, 800, rue Willibrord (PPL) (chalet)

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